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Gallantry & Bravery Awards

Members of the New Zealand Armed Forces were awarded British Gallantry and Bravery awards until uniquely New Zealand awards were instituted in 1999.

Awards listed are, in most instances, displayed in the order of precedence in which they are worn. Under the former British system, fourth level awards (i.e. Mention in Despatches, The Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct and The Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air) were denoted by small ribbon emblems and not accorded any precedence in relation to other decorations and medals. The two new New Zealand fourth level awards, The New Zealand Gallantry Medal (NZGM) and The New Zealand Bravery Medal (NZBM), have been accorded a precedence immediately after the various British third level awards such as The Military Medal and The Queen's Gallantry Medal.

The Victoria Cross for New Zealand and The New Zealand Cross both precede all other honours from the Crown while the Gallantry and Bravery Stars and Decorations, precede the comparable British awards they are replacing.

The order of wear of these Gallantry and Bravery awards is as shown in the Order of Wear Table.