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Obverse: A Crowned Effigy of King George VI surrounded by the legend "GEORGIVS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX ET INDIAE IMP:".

Reverse: A lion standing on a dragon that is lying on its back. The lion's right forepaw is resting on the dragon's head. At the right top are the dates "1939" and "1945".

Size: 36mm in diameter.

Ribbon: 32mm wide. The colour of the ribbon embodies the red, white and blue of the Union Flag. It has red, blue, white, blue and red stripes of equal width, with a 1.5mm red stripe down the centre of the white stripe.

Suspension: By a plain, straight, non-swivelling suspender bar.

This cupro-nickel medal was awarded to all full-time personnel of the Armed Forces wherever their service during the war was rendered. Operational and non-operational service counted, providing that it was of twenty eight days' or more duration. In the Merchant Navy there was a requirement that the twenty eight days must have been served at sea.

Operational service that was terminated by death, wounds or a disability due to service, capture, or the cessation of hostilities and which qualified for one of the Campaign Stars, also qualified the recipient for the War Medal even though total service did not amount to twenty eight days. This proviso did not, however, apply to those who were not awarded the Campaign Stars. If one of the Campaign Stars was awarded for service of less than twenty eight days, the War Medal 1939-45 was granted in addition.

Regulations For This Award: View Regulations (PDF document)

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